The CompTIA Project+ (PK0-004) certification is the perfect way to start obtaining the skills required to be an efficient project manager. Followed with the standards and policies that are measured on the PMP exam, getting a CompTIA Project+ certification can help part-time Project Managers hone their skills, and work as a prominent first step for those who may not have yet acquired the experience needed to earn more high-level certifications.

CompTIA Project+ Management Certification includes the basic concepts to manage small- to medium-sized projects efficiently. CompTIA Project+ certification is ideal for professionals who are expected to manage smaller, less complex projects as part of their other job responsibilities but still have basic project management skills. Project+ is more adaptable than other certifications because it includes essential project management concepts beyond the scope of just one methodology or framework.

Why Get a CompTIA Project+ Certification?

Earning a CompTIA Project+ certification confirms your project management expertise and appraise your resume. You will be able to demonstrate to employers that you bring much-needed and relevant skills to the workplace, opening yourself up to more job opportunities.

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As reported by PMI, 15.7 million new project management, vacant jobs will be produced globally over seven project-intensive industries by 2020. Getting certified can also help you boost your career and earn more money. PMI noticed that those are holding PMP report making 23% more than those who don’t. And according to Global Knowledge, the average annual salary for CompTIA Project+ certified professionals in the United States and Canada is $99,430 (overall mean is $84,807).

Achieving CompTIA Project+ means that you will have the understanding and skills expected to carry out the following tasks:

  • Assure appropriate communication
  • Control the project life cycle
  • Manage capital and stakeholders
  • Manage project documentation

CompTIA Project+ requires extensive preparation, and appropriately so. Employees who spend on career development and certification training are perceived as an invested and esteemed asset for their organization. A project management certification proves your desire and determination toward developing and sharpening your personal and professional skills.

How to Get CompTIA Project+ Certification?

The CompTIA Project+ designation is obtained by passing PK0-004  conventional format exam that includes “best practices in project management methods and processes, important business knowledge and important interpersonal skills.” In view of the hands-on and communicative nature of project management, Project+ concentrates on particular skills much more than the common technical certification programs. Soft skills consolidated include “conflict resolution, negotiation, communication, team building/leadership, and setting and mapping expectations.”

CompTIA Project+ PK0-004 exam has no prerequisites and is advised that individuals have at least 12 months of practical project management experience.

As discussed before, you must pass the PK0-004 exam to become CompTIA Project+ certified. When it comes to preparing for your certification exam, you should ensure that practice tests are among the study materials you are using. Always allot time to answer all kinds of questions. This will eventually help in saving much-needed time during the exam, which you can use to tackle the most difficult questions.

Taking CompTIA Project+ practice tests qualifies you for the situation and helps develop your confidence in the test-taking process. After performing a set of practice tests, go through the missed points, and read up on them to get better in those topics. By this, you can receive a comprehensive knowledge of the PK0-004 exam topics.

At the End

If you aren’t working as a full-time project manager – or aren’t one yet – CompTIA Project+ might be the best project management certification for you. It can even be a stepping stone for moving into a full-time project manager role or earning PMP or more high-level certification in the future.

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